Naturally 7 are fixing you with smooth vocals

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 16th 2017

Naturally 7

Naturally 7 blog

Because my previous blog was about a popular song to cover, I thought I’d stay on-topic and also talk about “Fix You”, originally by Coldplay. This song has also been covered by many people, over the years, but recently one cover version actually brought me to tears.

It looks like the group Naturally 7 has already had its peak, somehow. They were a special guest during a Michael Buble tour and I’m positive this caused the high amount of views of their YouTube videos. However, more recently, they seem to have a little more trouble reaching that same big audience.

Naturally 7 are an a cappella group that could make any song sound sweet. All members are vocalists, but some members also have the ability to turn themselves into a human musical instrument. It gives their a cappella versions a little more than just a beat box. It gives them guitars and other sounds, reminding me a little bit of that guy in those classic Police Academy movies. Naturally 7 actually call this “vocal play”, which is not a bad description.

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