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Milton has Everything ready for the summer

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 18th 2017


Milton blog

Dutch singer Milton Wijngaarde has just release his new single. The up-tempo, cheerful “Everything” breaks his silence of 7 years.

In 1998 Dutch r&b / pop group , Romeo, paved the way for other groups alike to hit the charts. The four piece was formed by members Milton, Clifton and the twins, Julian and Spencer. Their biggest hit, “Coming Home”, followed a notable debut with a Marc Nelson (Az Yet, Boyz II Men) penned song, “Always Fall For Love”, and began a journey full of hits that lasted a few years.

Romeo, like many other groups, started to suffer from tension within the band and failure at charting, so they eventually went their separate ways. Because I used to be responsible for their official website, back in their success time, I kept in the loop with most of the members and have seen some start new careers in music like managing other artists (the twin brothers did this separate from each other). Some pursued other passions like a career in fashion (Spencer) and some tried solo careers (Milton and Clifton). Then, last year, Romeo tried it again as a trio (Clifton excused himself).

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Listen to Milton

In March 2019, Milton released a new single called “Right Here”:


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