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Mic Lowry head out to Europe

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 13th 2017

Mic Lowry

Mic Lowry blog

I’ve had a collaboration with a team of Amsterdam producers a few years ago and we wrote a song that we offered to an unknown UK group called Mic Lowry. They turned out to be massive r&b fans, just like us, and also had a love for the big acts from the 90s. Even though there was an age gap, the boys loved Boyz II Men, just like us and so we thought we had this in the bag. They declined our song though – no hard feelings – but I have a memory that never forgets these acts we brushed shoulders with. So, I was quite happy to see these guys getting more and more attention throughout last year and to see them go on tour and even head out to Amsterdam in a not so shabby place to perform (Melkweg).

This boy band really seemed to be going places and then TeenVogue named them one of those Talent to Watch in 2017. Yep, now they are officially upcoming and this could very well be their breakthrough year.

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