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Written for Kurrent Music
Published February 29th 2016

Matt Simons

Matt Simons blog

I’ve heard these kinds of stories many times at networking meetings of my PRO (publishing rights organization, think ASCAP and BMI). Someone is always bound to stand up and claim huge fame somewhere abroad. But this is also the story of Matt Simons.

Imagine, you are a struggling musician trying to make it in the hardest place on earth: New York. You’ve released your debut album in 2012, but it didn’t do too well. Then, years later, even without you having performed there, the song ends up in the charts in The Netherlands and you turn into a big star….. there.

“With You” was heard by the right person at the right time and got used in a death scene of one of the most popular characters of a prime time soap. While soap fans were tearing up watching the show, they created a massive demand for the song, and Matt had his unexpected breakthrough.

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