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Published September 10th 2016

Mary J Blige

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I feel a little misled today. I’d seen a UK radio station mention a new Mary J Blige single on their website last week. There’s been talk of a new album coming, recently, and a joint tour with Maxwell will also take her to Europe this year. But after further investigation, I was quite disappointed to find out that the new single is the new theme song for TV shot The View.

For some reason, whenever I hear an artist doing a theme show or even sing a song for a movie, I always think of it as a cash-in moment. In other words, I assume it’s all controlled by other creatives and therefore not really an expression of the artists themselves. They are just channeling other people’s creative visions.

Of course, there are many occasions where this theory gets shot to pieces, because many singer-songwriters have created their best work for soundtracks and such, but in this case, I just became a little less enthusiastic to look up the song. That simply was the point I was trying to make.

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