New upcoming Madonna biopic: Emmy and the Breakfast Club

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 8th 2017

Madonna / Emmy and the Breakfast Club

Madonna / Emmy and the Breakfast Club blog

Throughout my life, I’ve been a fan of Madonna. There have been moments where I was a big fan and moments where my admiration dropped a little, but Madonna has always remained such a source of inspiration for me, musically.

In my early days as a Madonna fan, I was not allowed to buy many magazine, so every once in a while I scour the Internet looking for pictures of her infamous 80s period: My favorite Madonna era.

Recently, I had one of those moments and ran a search on Instagram, and ran into a big surprise. It was the best Madonna look-a-like ever! Jamie Auld went from helping out with casting talent to becoming a casted talent herself. She plays the role of Madonna in the upcoming independent film “Emmy and The Breakfast Club”. She’s such a spitting image of the star, you really have to look twice to see the slight differences.

The film takes a look at the very early years of Madonna’s switch in focus from dance to music leading up to her being a drummer for The Breakfast Club and singing in her own band, The Emmy’s. It’s based on personal tapes between Madonna and her boyfriend Dan Gilroy. The gaps are filled by personal accounts of some her band mates and friends from her very early New York era.

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