LeAnn Rimes is transformed to a disco queen

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Published July 28th 2017

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It was a puzzling headline that caught my eye on Twitter, “LeAnn Rimes was leading the dance charts”. Huh?! Doesn’t she do country, sometimes with some pop influences, but dance???  A little research was enough to clarify the situation.

The song “LovE Is LovE Is LovE” is indeed leading the US dance charts. It’s dominating dance floors in a disco remix by Dave Aude. I hadn’t listened to a LeAnn Rimes song since “Can’t Stop the Moonlight” hit the pop charts to promote the Coyote Ugly movie. Is that the 90s? Yikes! It’s just a track that is still receiving some regular airplay and for which I got the download, so it also gets on my own playlists every once in a while. But you get the picture.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this combination of LeAnn Rimes on a dance track. I’ve not yet heard the original version, but the dance version is very intriguing. In the first verse, I think she vocal melody sound like something from an r&b song. Altogether, I think she sounds incredibly soulful on this retro track.

Calling the remix a disco version is not an understatement. It is the best way to describe this song now. Not bad for a song that was recorded for a movie (Logan Lucky).

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