This time Kiara Nelson is bulletproof

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 18th 2017

Kiara Nelson

Kiara Nelson blog

Up onto a few years ago, I was an avid user of ReverbNation. It had always amazed me how many unknown artists had some pretty decent songs and how many artists would constantly adopt whatever was hot at that time as their own style.

Even though I don’t know if Kiara Nelson is even on ReverbNation, she does remind me of the people I used to discover in those days. She’s missing her own identity at this time and copies the masses, but you realize there’s something there nevertheless.

Kiara really is just starting out, so this all makes sense. At age 18, she’s already come a long way. Her debut single, “Cool My Rush”,  was released last year and immediately got radio airplay at one of the biggest radio stations in Finland, which is where this Finnish-Swedish-American singer resides. It was also covered by various music bloggers worldwide.

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