That’s how you say hello again like KG (MN8)

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 25th 2017


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Back in the middle of the 90s, UK pop / r&b group MN8 were supporting Janet Jackson on her tour, featured on the Bad Boys soundtrack, getting remixed by Jodeci and selling millions of records worldwide. Nothing seemed to be blocking their pathway to the moon (so to speak) but Sony and the band members each had a different opinion to what the group should be. By the time their second album was released, the group was at odds with Sony and were considered to be a tuff act, rather than a tuff act to follow. The group lost their deal, and members pretty much went their separate ways.

I’ve already blogged about Dee Tails before, who went into the movie business after MN8 and eventually found his place as a special effects actor, specialized in playing various creatures. Let’s face it, you could have had a less exciting job change, right? But now, I finally have been given a reason to write about one of the other members.

KG, MN8’s lead singer at the time, has been songwriting and producing since MN8. He’s also the one who’s keeping the MN8 legacy alive by maintaining the group’s official Twitter account, which was created when there were plans to breathe new life into the group.

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