The hidden soul of JP Cooper

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on January 26th 2017

JP Cooper

JP Cooper blog

Some singers are able to pass the guest appearance stage and spin off a successful career of their own. This seems to become the case for John Paul Cooper, aka JP Cooper, who featured on Jonas Blue’s “Perfect Strangers”.

Up until writing this blog, Cooper was just a voice on the radio. I kind of thought he would like Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes. Everything about his voice reminds me of that kind of a guy; the clean boy next door type. However, if you take a look at him pictured on his Facebook page with dreads and hat, you would not expect that his new song, “September Song”, is his.

“September Song” has actually been out for a while, but has been re-released after his successful run with Jonas Blue. This time around it has been picked up by radio stations. The tropical influenced pop song fits all the sounds of today, so JP Cooper has already been dubbed a Justin Bieber sound-alike.

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