John Lennon, Can you just imagine that?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 18th 2015

Lennon Imagine blog

Imagine blog

Since a pianist played “Imagine” at the scene last Friday, directly after the attacks, in Paris, France, the world has once again embraced John Lennon’s legendary dream.

The words he wrote in 1971, inspired by Yoko Ono’s earlier poems, expressed a desire for a world in peace, union and love. Now, we’re 44 years later, and those words, as well as the dream he described, is still accurate today.

We’re at a time where a lot is happening and the world is constantly changing, at the highest pace ever.

I recently saw a Discovery show called “Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. In an episode about evolution, it was described that evolution works at random, meaning that everything evolves. The good, the bad, the ugly. You can tell it does in the human race.

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