Harry Styles: When the music matches the look

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Published on April 12th 2017

Harry Styles

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It’s often been said that Harry Styles looks a little like Mick Jagger. In the picture of boyband One Direction, he definitely seemed a bit out of place with his long hair and natural rock n roll look. All the more reason why probably became one of 1D’s most popular members, so quickly. But, very superficially, going on his style and hairdo, I’m not at all surprised that Harry chose to get inspired by the 70s music and released a really great debut track, “Sign Of The Times”.

Some say this song is something to get used to, but I probably am an old musical soul myself then, because I took to a liking to this song right away, which doesn’t happen too often. The beginning of the song reminded me a little bit of modern take on a Beatles song, but the rest reminded me of some of the rock ballads from that era.

When I look at all the solo projects that the One Direction members have done, I start to wonder how out of place they may have been in One Direction. One went full out on R&B, the other created some dance music, and the third decided to try a little folk. Now, Harry is going pop-rock.

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