Is there an expiration date for music genres?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 19th 2017

Hardcore house

Hardcore house blog

We often say that music is timeless. I like most music from my parents generation, my own generation and the generation that came after me. (Yes, I am that old that I can actually say that) Some songs from each generation still sound fresh to me. With some others, their outdated sound has become part of their charm; the feeling of that retro sound that’s become popular again, for instance. And then there are the ones where I don’t know what we all are or were collectively thinking to make those songs hits.

In the 90s and 00s, the rise of house music was pushed to extreme in Europe and hardcore house and happy hardcore rave was created. I hated this trend even back then with its 4/4 beat, but when you are in the era, I think you get brainwashed after a while of over exposure. So, some songs became songs I didn’t fully hate – maybe even liked – but I never played them again after.

Maybe the brainwashing gets undone over time, but when I got reminded of this genre and its greatest hits recently, my initial dislike showed again. While the rest of my team was almost bursting out into that kick dance they used to do to this type of music, I was stunned that this genre was so loved by them.

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