Goodbye Adele?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 28th 2016


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The world is talking about Adele again. After finishing up the US leg of her current world tour, she announced that she is going to have another baby. Rumors about a pregnancy followed, along with worries about the next leg of her tour in 2017.

Before Adele shared these plans with her audience, she had already let it slip that she might be planning another hiatus after her tour. A break of 10 years to be exact. Didn’t I already predict this in a previous blog?

I would applaud it if this is really the plan for her. Sure, I could take the marketing approach to this and blog all about her creating a certain type of scarcity. Very smartly raising her market value even further and all that talk, but I would applaud her for a more personal reason.

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