Hungry For New Fergie Songs?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 13th 2016


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Earlier this year, Fergie reportedly worked on new material. She was spotted in Europe and new music videos were shot in Paris and London. Rumors sparked that a photoshoot was done for her new album. It should follow up “The Dutchess”, her album from 2006.

Heading Black Eyed Peas

Before, she was the chick magnet for the Black Eyed Peas. In an interview, the guys once explained they never attracted as many girls until Fergie joined. Hey, she just knew what to wear and we all wanted to look that cool. So, it’s no surprise the ever trendy Fergie caught everyone’s attention.

New Songs Coming

After all the hits her first album brought us, she’s released various songs. However, not a full album.

Originally, the new material was expected in March, but good things take time. Finally, in May, Fergie dropped a new song. She shared an audio of her new single “Hungry”.

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