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Hungry for new Fergie music?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 13th 2016


Fergie blog

Earlier this year, it was already reported that Fergie was working on new material. While she was spotted in Europe, it was rumoured she was shooting new music videos in Paris and London, and doing photoshoots for her new album. Her first since her debut, “The Dutchess”, in 2006.

Of course, before, she was the chick magnet for the Black Eyed Peas. The guys once explained, in an interview, that they never attracted that many girls to their shows as Fergie did. So, apparently, it was a good idea to have a girl join the group and the ever trendy Fergie definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Since her debut solo album, she has released various songs, but not a full album. Originally, the new material was expected to be released in March, but it took a little bit longer. In May, Fergie dropped a real first hint of the new music, when she released an audio of her new single “Hungry”.

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