Those dudes from Everywhere

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 18 2017


Everywhere blog

It’s looking like this could be a week full of blogs about upcoming, reasonably unknown, talent. And in this blog, I’m even stepping out into my exception genre, which is rock music – No, I don’t think I’m coming down with something. *Nora checks her head to test for fever*

You can tell I had a little time on my hands, recently, which I’ve spent checking out all of the e-mail requests I’ve received to listen to people’s music for my Kurrent Music blogs. In between all the mail, I found a promising rock band called Anywhere. Based in the UK, but originally from Sweden, they are slowly but surely making a name for themselves.

The music reminds me a lot of a Dutch rock band called Kensington, which makes sense, because they (Kensington) have put a lot of effort into sounding like a UK rock band. And so, we’ve come full circle.

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