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Written for Kurrent Music
Published April 1st 2017


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I seriously can’t imagine what Drake fans must have gone through this week. After Drake postponed his Amsterdam shows, at the beginning of the year, due to production issues that had to be solved, Drake was supposed to make up for these shows this week. However, with the first show, he already ran into problems. All the fans had made it out to the venue already and then there was the painful announcement that the show would be taking place two days later, because Drake had fallen ill.

This little announcement made headlines, even in regular news shows. Lots of fans showed their disappointment. For all fans, it was the second time their show got cancelled and some fans weren’t even going to make it to the makeup show.

For a moment, I thought I actually knew one of these unlucky fans and very quickly checked with her to find out if Drake ever made it to her show after it got cancelled earlier this year. He did. Yeah! And even said that the show was amazing. Drake was completely forgiven by her, ‘cos he was worth the wait. So, I’m happy to boldly assume all disappointed fans from last Monday were as happy with him as ever on Wednesday.

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