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Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 9th 2017

DJ Khaled

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DJ Khaled has finally managed to get to the number one of the Billboard chart and his message to his fans was simple:  “Fan luv we did it”. I don’t mean to rain on his parade, but the first thought I had when I read this, was that it probably wasn’t his fan base that got him there. It was the power of the Biebs.

Ever since Justin Bieber released his “Purpose” album, he’s been bigger than ever. He’s been breaking records and breaking hearts, I’m sure.

DJ Khaled has had powerful connections helping him out for ages, and I realize you don’t get these connections without being really good at something yourself and you have to have built your own fan base, but he has grown much bigger using those connections. But even his collaboration with powerful music business couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, couldn’t do what Justin Bieber did for him.

Justin’s feature on “I’m The One” has made the track blow up from the moment the video for this track was dropped. It had many millions of views within the first two days that it was uploaded and was miles away from other videos that were trending on YouTube.

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