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Written for Kurrent Music
Published on March 5th, 2017


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It’s not often that I get excited by a new single from Dutch rock band Di-Rect. For the longest time, Di-Rect have been the most popular rock band in The Netherlands. Even a change in lead singer, who went on to have a solo career touring theatres instead of clubs, couldn’t slow the band down.

The change in front man happened several years ago (2009 to be exact), and I have noticed that the band have used that change to get more experimental, in recent years. They have introduced more of a sensitive side and got to experiment with more psychedelic music, while their original front singer also went on to explore his sensitive side.

With all the previous releases, only one or two songs have caught my attention, and that was pretty much around the time that Marcel (the new guy) replaced the old guy.

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