Depeche Mode in disillusion

Written for Kurrent Music
Published February 12th 2017

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode blog

There’s something funny about the music you grew up with. I’m from the 80’s generation and while I was growing up, I had a clear preference for high energy synthesizer pop. I loved it most when it was bubbly and fun and it was no real surprise that I got hooked on Stock Aitken & Waterman productions along the way while I was a kid.

Everybody else seemed to know that this wasn’t necessarily the kind of music that would stand the test of time, but I had trouble listening to groups like U2 and the Simple Minds, with a few of their hits as the exception to the rule. Heck, it was pretty simple, I was a kid at the time and they were too serious.

Still, even among the synth-pop generation, there were groups I had a hard time connecting to. Depeche Mode was one of them. I only liked “I Just Can’t Get Enough”, but due to the low vocals of the lead singer, Dave Gahan, it just felt a bit dark and negative to me.

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