De La Soul tells the secret tales of bus stops

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 22nd 2016

De La Soul

De La Soul blog

De La Soul are finally releasing their crowdfunded album, ”and the Anonymous Nobody…”, on August 26th. For those who’ve missed it, the hip hop pioneers decided to go back in the studio one more time for an album, but the group has always pursued total creative freedom. Financing an album with crowdfunding meant they could keep that creative freedom, so they started a Kickstarter campaign, about a year ago, that turned out to be very successful. And with a nice little budget, they started working.

Three months ago, the group started to release tracks from the upcoming album, which was announced to feature a slew of cameos. The non-album tie-over track, “God It” – intended to keep investors happy once they started showing some impatience – featured Nas. Since, the album track with Snoop Dogg has also been released.

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