Dawn Richard – From Dusk to D?WN

Written for Kurrent Music
Published February 2nd 2016

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard blog

At one time the all-girl pop/R&B group, Danity Kane, was the first group to have two albums in the US charts simultaneously, but as their reality show showed, it was doomed to fall apart. Since, only one former member has managed to build a career in music for herself after Danity Kane. Her name is Dawn Richard (pronounced with a French twist –> Ri-Shard).

She continued songwriting with P. Diddy and launched a solo career, even when the group were reuniting, or at least trying to. On her own, she’s a very creative and focus artist. She has reinvented herself from her girl group days. Her look became edgier and she started experimenting with her music.

Simply going by the name D?WN now – “Cos nobody knows how to pronounce my last name anyway”, as she said during The Breakfast Club – you can now turn to her for some EDM tracks, with some R&B influences.

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