Dammn Janet!

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 5th 2016

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson blog

Janet Jackson just released a new single called “Dammn Baby”. Coming from a woman, who had just cancelled a part of her successful tour for trying to become pregnant, it’s tempting to assume that the song might be about that journey. That is not really the case, or is it?

You could assume that the music business is full of people who are, for whatever reason, trying to avoid traditional life. They rebel against it, at the very minimum. This is why a lot of musicians get a lot of slack, when they make the decision to give priority to their personal lives, rather than put the music first, at all times – against any price.

Lauryn Hill once said that she had been made out a fool for getting pregnant at the height of her success. Therefore, Iggy Azalea recently got praised by the business for postponing her wedding to do a tour, obviously fueling the gossipers about relationship problems. But the music business believes that your love for music should always mean personal sacrifice.

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