Trying the Chef’Special

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 20th 2017


Chefspecial blog

Dutch pop-rock band “Chef’Special” have just released a new single called “Try Again”. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from them. The last song I’ve heard from them is the beautiful “In Your Arms”. “In Your Arms” is one of those songs I can imagine singing along to by the campfire on the beach with a couple of friends, even though the song is actually a really sweet love song. “In Your Arms” was released in 2014, but actually stayed on the radar for a very long time, due to its catchiness.

The band’s always been a band that strikes lucky one moment and scores a massive hit, and then seems to struggle a little bit. Nevertheless, they have always remained very successful as a live band and have never had this problem getting booked. “Try Again” is heading straight to the charts though.

Just like “In Your Arms”, “Try Again” is catchy and brings us the sound that we now know from Chef’Special. All members bring something else to the table when it comes to their influences, ranging from pop, rock, ska to even some hip hop.

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