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Published July 19th 2017

Cash Cash

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Dance producers trio, Cash Cash, really work across the scope of electronic music. Every time they present another sound and perhaps that is exactly the reason why it feels like they have been out of the loop for a while. For whatever reason, they have a habit of releasing a major song that takes over everything, and then somehow they are not able to keep that momentum going. Because I miss out on all the dance festivals, DJ’s and dance producers quickly fall off my radar, when they are not in the press I read or on the global charts.

I’m sure Cash Cash also thought it was high time to get back on it, by working with Conor Maynard. The YouTube success is kind of in the same boat as them. He releases something that catches on and then you see him back to covering songs on YouTube, but he is in a momentum right now. He’s just had a hit with Kris Kross Amsterdam’, so a catchy follow-up with Cash Cash is very welcomed.

And so is the song itself. The song is called “All My Love” and I love the lyrical angle of it. It’s not a love song as you would expect on a danceable beat. You’d expect it to be upbeat and about feeling the love or feeling in love, but this song is actually about heartbreak.

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