Busta Rhymes is back with a new single and sound

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 15th 2017

Busta Rhymes

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It’s not that often that a single cover gets my attention, but Busta Rhymes’ latest single, “Girlfriend”, featuring Tory Lanez and Vybz Kartel has a very artsy cover. At first sight, you wouldn’t think it was anything special at all. It looks like a stock photo with a woman on it that’s been photoshopped with some effects, but it actually is a drawing made with regular ballpoint pens.

I’ve draw a little myself, but have to admit that I think that pens are about the worst tools to work with, especially for portraits. I just can’t get any nuances using pens and you would always see every line I’ve put to paper. It never blends in. That’s why I love paint more, haha, but I’ve seen people create the greatest artworks with pens for a very long time and this cover is among the best works I’ve ever seen.

Of course, I was also curious about the track. I actually thought that Busta Rhymes has retired. I thought he even retired his crazy braids, because the last photo I’d seen of him showed him with a shaven head. Hence, I thought he was done with being Busta Rhymes. I mean, it’s his trademark, right?

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