Bob Marley, One man who changed a nation

Written for Kurrent Music, as part of the Bob Marley blog special
Published January 20th 2016

Bob Marley

Bob Marley blog

People like us – passionate music lovers – speak often of the power of music. How it can heal, how it can unite, but the story of Bob Marley is one of a legend, who’s really put this power to practice.

I was too young to really catch up on his story, while he was among us, but of course I didn’t miss some of his biggest hits and the impact it had on stars I did get into later, like The Fugees;  Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill in particular.

I’m also among one of the many people, who thought “No Woman No Cry” meant that if you had no woman, you’d have no hurt, but, later, found out it meant “no woman, don’t cry”. It’s just a classic example of the poetic use of language that he was a master of.

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