Babyface to return tender smooth R&B?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published December 5th 2015


Babyface blog

People often say that real R&B is dead. Usually, when you investigate what they mean, they think today’s R&B has moved more towards Hip Hop or Dance, but what used to be R&B has gone.

There are plenty of R&B acts working on comebacks; TLC, Ginuwine, Az Yet, for instance. Other acts actually never left; SWV, H-Town, Boyz II Men. But the sound that dominated R&B in the 90s,has been missed by many.

The man behind a huge portion of the R&B of the 90s was Babyface. After a successful solo career, he went on to produce others and launched the careers of many new stars, as well as writing hits for established artists such as Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

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