Avicii releases part 1 of the new phase

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 13th 2017


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When Avicii announced his retirement from touring, I already vlogged about how I thought this didn’t mean the end of his career, but how I saw it more as the beginning of something new. To me, it just looked like he was making room for other things and he would be making more music. This week, I was proven right. Out of the blue, Avicii dropped a whole new EP called “Av?ci” with featurings from Rita Ora and others.

The EP contains 6 tracks and was dropped on August 10th. Immediately, the track with Rita Ora made its way to my timeline (what a surprise). It’s called “Lonely Together” and contains a lot of effects on Rita’s vocals, which I have to get used to, because I actually like her vocals raw. Even though, the country sound in dance music has never become my favorite, I actually love the opening track, “Friend of Mine” the best (featuring Vargas & Lagola).

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