Aspen Gems – Rock gems who spit lightning

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 15th 2016

Aspen Gems

Aspen Gems blog

When you’re an artist yourself, you tend to meet other artists easily, but usually at music events. I met the guitar player of Aspen Gems in one of the most unexpected places. I was working for the government, a city hall, for a brief moment and he was part of the online web management team too.

It’s like I have a bit of a radar for spotting creative people. Some people just have artistry written all over them, so even in daily attire, I knew there was something different to him from other employees. When I heard about his alternative rock band,  I wasn’t at all surprised.

The Aspen Gems have turned out to be a lovely surprise to me musically, too. They are almost Keane-like in the music they make, which works fine for me. You know, while the original Keane is still on their hiatus, of course…

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