Artists for Grenfell, music can build bridges

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 22nd 2017

Artists for Grenfell

Artists for Grenfell blog

The UK, and especially London, has been hit so hard on several occasions, lately, and each time I’m amazed at the unity this country is showing. From strangers in Manchester opening their doors to many teens and parents in distress after the attack there, to people in London donating stuff and food to those who had lost everything in the apartment complex fire in Grenfell. Everybody wants to help and musicians are no different.

Fairly quickly after the fire, Simon Cowell took the initiative to record a song to benefit the families who had lost loved ones or lost everything they owned. It wasn’t long after that the first names were announced of famous participants ranging from Jessie J, Robbie Williams to Labrynth, Emeli Sande, Gareth Malone, Rita Ora and many more. I’m sure Simon had more applicants than he had lines for and that’s probably why broke every line of lyric into pieces sung by a different artist. It’s like a relay race of vocals because of this, but in no way irritating.

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