Will I see too much of Anitta

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 15th 2017


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On my Twitter timeline, it was kind of big news that Justin Bieber producer Boo Bear was working with Latin singer Anitta, whom I had never heard of. When I was looking at the video for their collaboration, a track called “Will I See You”, I really started to wonder why she was still wearing the clothes she was wearing, because they were all very see through and, yes, indeed the clothes got dropped altogether later in the video. What a surprise.

I understood that she already was a big star within Latin music, so I got curious if she had always presented herself this way or if it was new. And even though, her attire was sexy before, she never took it this far, to as far as I could tell. She upped her game for the mainstream market.

Now, I’m the last to sound incredibly conservative. I too have worn plunging necklines and rolled around on the floor in my videos. Though never with only a see through dress on, wearing nothing underneath. I really wouldn’t feel comfortable at all. I just wouldn’t want to promote myself that way. You know, I think you would have to be dieting all your life once you put the focus on your body like that and I’m not really into that. (Pizza and chocolates ahoy!)

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