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Anastacia is in the middle of a comeback

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 28th 2017


Anastacia blog

It’s been a while since Anastacia has released new music. Her latest album was a collection of lesser known gems performed live and chosen by fans. It was released last year.

Anastacia has pretty much remained out on the road. She’s currently still touring, but along the way she got signed to Universal in Germany, which has made it possible for her to release the songs that she’s been working on.  “Caught In The Middle” is the first single from her upcoming album, “Evolution”, for which the artwork was released today, together with dropping the single. A lot of people were anticipating a new single and judging from the attention this release is getting, there is a clear hope that this song will mark her return to the European market.

In her early beginnings, Anastacia brought something new to the scene. She managed to merge funk with soul and rock music. Her squeezed vocals reminded everyone of Taylor Dane and her trademark sunglasses gave her strong image. The glasses are still there, sometimes, but she’s been through a true transition when it comes to her music and has tried various styles.

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