Rediscovering All-4-One

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 21st 2017


All-4-One blog

Sometimes, I think my smartphone is listening in on things my conversations. It just so happens that someone asked me who sang “I Swear” and a very quick conversation followed about All-4-One. That night, suddenly, a tweet of the group appeared on my timeline. It could just be coincidence, haha, but I really started to wonder how smart my phone actually is.

Anyway, in the tweet, the group were talking about still having fun after 24 years of being together. It took me by surprise, because I only knew about two albums and I thought the group had not released anything since “And The Music Speaks”, so I had assumed that they were no longer together. I think I’m not alone in coming to that conclusion.

In fact, it could’ve been the case. It turns out they lost their major record deal due to problems between the major and the independent label, to whom they were signed, soon after their sophomore album was released. It took a good 5 years for them to  find a new deal and release new music, but they had spent the years in between by touring a lot.

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