Adam Lambert shows how to tell someone off, the nice way

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 5th 2017

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert blog

Any song called “Two Fux” is bound to get my attention, especially when I hear the artist singing it, is Adam Lambert.

Adam is my musical zone. Whenever I have like a ton of work and I need to tune in and concentrate – basically, lock the world out – I play one of his albums and for some strange reasons it grounds me. Other songs may distract me with their topics, melodies, lyrics or because I start playing air guitar or tap my feet to the beat. I start to listen more to the music and forget the rest, but Adam’s songs suck me in and they feed me with energy and concentration.

Despite my weird connection with his music, I actually never really know for sure if I will like new material when it comes out. I’m just aware of the fact that it can go either way. He could go fully into rock music with theatric flair, like he can do with Queen, or he could go fully into dance music. In those extremes, he might actually lose me, but when he finds his balance between all those things, I usually am on board.

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