112: A comeback well played?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 23rd 2017


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R&B group 112 were one of those groups who’ve had big successes in the States, but I’ve mainly heard of them when they featured on tracks by others (a track with Allure and a track with P. Diddy). It was a little bit later that I got to find out what the fuzz was about and started listening to their hits such as ”Anywhere” and “It’s Over Now”.

There’s always an interesting dynamic when it comes to these groups once they try to do comebacks. It looks like members drop in and drop out at will, and for whatever reason these groups struggle to find some stability. Usually, there’s something going on about money. The same goes for 112. In short, the group has been trying to come back since 2010, but it’s all a bit stop-and-go, and more importantly, no new music ever made it out.

But this time, the line-up features all original members and, after surviving a bit of touring with the Bad Boy Family reunion tour, the group is finally been releasing music as a four-piece again.

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