5 Songs to soundtrack your Black Friday

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 25th 2016

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Yesterday, I’ve received several messages from Americans wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. The messages are very much appreciated, because of the very fact that these people thought of me on that day. But we don’t celebrate it ourselves in The Netherlands. It’s even one of those holidays and traditions that we don’t even have our own version of. Some other traditions, like the trick-or-treating of Halloween, are somewhat adapted and celebrated in a different format, but Thanksgiving somehow didn’t make it out here.

However, many of our retail businesses are now owned by American companies and they have introduced Black Friday as just another reason to draw us to their (online) stores. Even though it’s a recent thing to have every big chain of stores mention it in their commercials and social media posts, you can tell that we just don’t have the mayhem that we’ve seen on TV from Black Friday in the States. The extra deals just don’t seem to get us running to the stores nor get us fighting over them.

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