Katy Perry’s CoverGirl make up line sued

Published July 19th 2016

Katy Perry’s make up line for CoverGirl has been hit with a lawsuit from make up competitor Hard Candy and funny enough you won’t believe what’s at the heart of it.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s make up line sued

Katy Perry and CoverGirl Collaboration

Katy Perry and CoverGirl started working together in 2013. At first, Katy only modeled for them, but this year the collaboration turned a little more creative. Just a few months ago their joint effort, a whole line of Katy Kat make up, hit the shops and both parties were proud to announce details of their product.

Competition was on alert, and now CoverGirl is faced with a lawsuit from another make up giant, Hard Candy.

The Hard Candy Lawsuit

In the lawsuit that was filed, Hard Candy is not upset about any of the products Katy and CoverGirl have created, but they are very upset about its packaging. In particular the logo.

The company states that the capitalized Katy Perry name, followed by a heart and the, already capitalized, CoverGirl logo, resembles their own logo too much. Their logo is the word “hard”, followed by a heart and followed by the word “candy” with all the words capitalizes. They were quick to point out they’ve been branding themselves that way for over 10 years.

The Stakes

Katy Perry’s line was just released last April, but Hard Candy is seeking to have it pulled from the stores, which would be a blow to CoverGirl as they stand to make millions currently. Hard Candy is also trying to get in on the action and wants a part of the current sales for compensation.

For Katy, the lawsuit doesn’t seem to have a major effect as she’s not being sued herself. Her deal with CoverGirl though is mentioned to be one of the main three big endorsement deals that made her the highest paid female artist in previous years.

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