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Jaafar Jackson Sings With A Social Mission

Jaafar Jackson is Jermaine Jackson’s son and he’s next in line to continue the music vibes coming from the Jackson blood line. But, he’s doing it with an innovative twist using blockchain and augmented reality. Welcome to the future.

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Jaafar Jackson

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Anticipating Music From Jaafar Jackson

Ever since Jaafar joined Jermaine on stage, one night in 2017, people are anticipating his own music. Immediately, people heard a resemblance to Michael Jackson and felt like he could have a massive career ahead of him. Now, it’s time to deliver. He’s released his debut single.

Got Me Singing

The single, “Got Me Singing”, was released a week ago. Personally, I don’t think he sounds like Michael Jackson on this track. He’s not trying either. Nevertheless, that typical Jackson usage of vibrato is there that I also know from 3T (and Taryll Jackson’s solo work), as well as his father Jermaine and yes, from uncle Michael too. It’s in his blood.

Introduction To Jaafar

Jaafar is 22 years of age. He discovered his love for music about 10 years ago, but only prepared going professional from age 19. His debut single is a laidback, happy track with a Caribbean beat to make it dance-able. It’s lighthearted and modern. A great introduction to his singing and music. The video for the song already reached over 1 million views in its first week.

Proud Father

Currently, Jaafar is working on an album. His dad, Jermaine, shares bits and pieces his music on his YouTube channel. I’ve heard influences of everything in there. From up-tempo dance tracks to slow jams with a bit of jazz.

Creative Control

You can’t deny that Jaafar knows what he wants. He wants to do it all differently, so he’s got his own label. This way he keeps full creative control over his work. However, he’s not going independent the way others have.

On The Blockchain

The plan is to release songs and other content using blockchain technology, known from the bitcoin, in combination with augmented reality (a combination of virtual reality in the real world, like you may know from Pokemon Go). This is in collaboration with NASgo and the VAPR app.

Jusic Digital Tokens

His content will be transmitted through satellite waves in the VAPR app, which makes his music impossible to download or copy. Some of the content, as well as extras such as early access perks, will be locked and can be unlocked using digital tokens. There are Jaafar exclusive tokens created for this called Jusic. Fans can get these freely awarded, but they will also be buy them.

Good Deal

The blockchain keeps personal information protected. On the other hand, the blockchain technology is intended for true transparency of transactions. This means both the platform and Jaafar’s own label see exactly what is earned. In the past, the Jacksons depended upon the honesty and accuracy of financial reports, but Jaafar won’t have that problem.

Working On Social Causes

Naturally, also in true Jackson family tradition, Jaafar wants to make a difference in the world. By using these platforms he plans to share parts of his earnings and his influence for humanitarian causes. He already met with the UN.

Welcome to the future. However, if you’re not ready for it, you can still stream his music everywhere else too.

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