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You know I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. Adam Lambert released “Velvet: Side A”, late September, and I finally had the chance to listen to it.

The Velvet Side

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The Adam Lambert Side

It’s something to really take the time for, when Adam releases new music. There was once a time when the A-side was the only side that mattered in the music industry. Adam’s A-side of “Velvet” is the most grooviest thing he’s ever produced, so I don’t hope that side B would be any less good.

Flip The Switch

Adam already announced that this would be the most personal and authentic part of his musical journey. After more than a decade in the business, it’s time to take control and flip the switch to full creative freedom. The time is right. The time is now.

Bring On The Funk

Nevertheless, Adam is jumping on the retro 70s trend that I feel was heavily initiated by Harry Styles – but that’s just my opinion. For “Velvet”, Adam draws inspiration from rock, disco and funk.

High Pace With Two Breaks

The catchy “Superpower” is a great opener. It really sets the tone. Most of the songs on the EP keep up with the same energy and vibe. “Closer To You” is the only sensitive ballad among the new music. The song showcases Adam’s velvet vocal chords and flawless knack for pulling the heartstrings.

Catching The Vibe

“Overglow” also slows things down a little bit. It’s mid tempo with high airy vocals. However, the rest is all thumping through with a stomping, funky superpower.

All the songs are catchy and authentically Adam Lambert. It’s not at all a far stretch from he’s musically coming from. More a natural progression.

Can’t Wait For Side B

Still, I’m surprised that Side A doesn’t include the singles “New Eyes” and “Comin In Hot”. I’m really wondering whether they were just teases to lead into the new music or whether they’re part of side B. Most definitely, Side A has got me all psyched for the next part!


Adam gives himself very little time to ride his new music though. He’s already announced a new 2020 tour with Queen.

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