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Glennis Grace Has Got America Captivated

Dutch singer Glennis Grace is impressing a global audience while making it to the finals of America’s Got Talent.

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Glennis Grace

Glennis Grace has got the world watching

America Discovers Glennis Grace

I’ve started my previous blog about Glennis Grace with the words “America, what took you so long?” That was a year ago. After Nicki Minaj liked a video of her performing, I thought America was catching on to her.

In interviews, Glennis mentioned she was approached by American producers and it just looked like a done deal. After her shows in the Netherlands, she looked set to make a move on America by working with people there.

America Got Talent

Now, a year later, she pops up as a candidate on America’s Got Talent and is a finalist. Yeah! So, that was the plan! It’s a master move on her part – to introduce America to her voice this way. A talent show like this reaches more people than doing an album and trying to make it on that.

Ofcourse, down to earth Glennis, however, states her reasons for entering were only to get Simon Cowell to hear her sing. Right. This may be as much of a show as her story about her putting off her dream as an artist for being a single mom. Glennis has a pretty good career here and has been known as one of our top vocalists for years, but still…. we all love seeing things come full circle. It’s all for a good cause.

Dreaming The Dream

Because, while America is still getting introduced to her, we are all dreaming the dream with her, out here. She could be the one. The one Dutch artist, who doesn’t only have the talent that makes her capable of reaching global fame, but she could even be that one who could reach fame like her idol Whitney Houston. We are all watching and hoping she’ll get it. Even those who don’t like her, are rooting for her now. And Glennis is staying pretty down to earth, at the heart of it. Fully focused.

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