Gavin James Is Not Returning Home Just Yet

My last blog about Gavin James was some time ago. Back then, I got triggered by the “Nervous” remix, which was constantly playing and I loved. It looked like he was one of the many singer-songwriters that DJ’s would turn into a one hit wonder, but Gavin James is more than that.

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Gavin James, home is where the music is

Gavin James Reaches His Destination

Currently, Gavin James tours with his album, “Only Ticket Home”. However, it’s clear, for him, home is where the music takes him. And he’s not returning home just yet.

Coming from a family full of musicians and entertainers, Gavin was destined to get a musician’s life. Always on the road. But his road to success is full of interesting moves – from asking the US Shark Tank investors for money to his cover of “The Book Of Love”. Both moves opened doors for him. Now, he’s a very successful artist showing longevity beyond that breakthrough hit. You just never know what’s around the corner.


For some time, a lot of people considered Gavin the go-to-guy for a ballad. With his high quality songs based on simplicity, relatable emotions and a great vocal range, he seemed the artist to turn to in times of heartbreak. However, Gavin had a break writing his current album. He spent some time at home, vacationed, and announced the album stating it has more happy songs on it. His early material, like “Hearts On Fire”, already showed he had it in him. Now, his latest video, “Glow” (watch below), makes it visible. It shows him in his homeland, Ireland, surrounded by entertainers. Almost coming full circle with the stories I’ve read about his family, growing up.


However, “Glow” is not the only song out, right now. On Facebook, Gavin shared a video with upcoming French singer Philippine. The pair rerecorded his hit “Always”. She’s singing in her native tongue, French, which makes this an interesting combination. Her voice is a great addition to his. The song is available on streaming services, like Spotify, but no promotion is done for it. Watch the video of it below.

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Gavin James ft. Philippine – Always

Voici quelques images de notre enregistrement studio avec Philippine Off! On a passé un chouette moment ensemble, j'espère que vous aimez la chanson ?Notre duo 'Always' à écouter partout ?

Geplaatst door Gavin James op Donderdag 31 januari 2019

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