Game Changer Johnny Gill Drops Perfection

You may know I have a weak for Johnny Gill. Single-handedly, he turned me onto New Jack Swing music in the late 80s and contributed to me getting into r&b music. The rest – as they say – is history. So, I’m always happy to hear when Johnny’s got a new single out.

Perfection According To Johnny Gill

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Johnny Gill Has New Game

Johnny Gill gets ready to release a new album, “Game Changer II”, on September 6th. It follows up his 2014 release, “Game Changer”. The latter was the start of a new phase for him, as he returned to music after a long break and became an independent artist. He’s one of the few clearly successful independent classic r&b artists.

The Soul Of A Woman

My last blog about him was sparked by the single release “Soul Of A Woman”, which after reached the number 1 spot in the Billboard Adult R&B charts, back in June. He also released a video for the song.

Ralph Tresvant Collab

Its high time to keep that momentum going with a new single.

“Perfect”, brings Johnny back to a familiar collaborator. Fellow New Edition member Ralph Tresvant features on the chorus. Ralph’s light, but smooth vocals add a bit of balance to Johnny’s big soul voice.


When you start the song, you immediately get drawn in with the unexpected showstoppers intro. I’m immediately imagining seeing a band on stage, in my mind, as if I’m at a performance. The sound takes me back a little to his “Behind Closed Doors”, but don’t compare the two.

Then after, it breaks into a soulful blend of old meets new with slick production and a crispy clear beat. Among all the new music from classic r&b acts, it offers a nice change.

A Message To Women

Johnny’s vocals are a little rougher than usual on this track, but he’s consistent in his appreciation for women.

“The Soul Of A Woman” was already a praise “Perfect” is a clearly defined message to all of us (ladies!) who keep doubting ourselves.  Some of its lyrics remind me a bit of “5000 Miles”, his 2014 Jaheim collaboration.

With this song, he joins a slew of classic r&b acts who keep the romance and respect in the genre.

Game Changer II

The new album will be released on his own label and features multiple interesting and exciting collaborations:

  • Only One
  • Fiesta (feat. Sheila E. & Carlos Santana)
  • Soul of a Woman
  • Perfect (feat. Ralph Tresvant)
  • Bed on Fire
  • Best Thing
  • Favorite Girl
  • Lose a Lover, Keep a Friend
  • That’s My Baby
  • Home (feat. Kevon Edmonds)
  • So Hard

I hope it’s as strong as “Game Changer” part one. This looks very promising.

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