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I feel it’s time (again) to look into the curious case of Conor Maynard. His debut album stems from 2012, followed by an album with cover songs in 2016. Now, it looks like he’s finally releasing new music of his own.

Taking The Mickey

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Young Conor Maynard

When I first heard of him, I expected him to be at the front of a new generation of pop stars. He had a fresh sound, which I felt he quickly toned down to match the rest, before returning to cover songs.

It wasn’t an unsuccessful move. He’s a successful YouTube singer. It led to featuring on many dance tracks with chart success, as well as singing with some really well known artists. Nevertheless, his story is just different from the one I expected.

Making Light Of It

We’re a few years further now. He’s 26. Over the years, Conor’s developed his own style. Musically, it may not be too surprising, refreshing or renewing, but his style is witty and that’s what makes a difference.

A massive amount of humor has made its way to the videos he’s uploaded – even to announce his tour – and an authentic wit has entered his lyrics.

New Singles

His latest single, “Not Over You”, is the best example of it. It quickly followed “Hate How Much I Love You” and it’s the better option, in case you were wondering what to play.

Not Over You

Don’t get me wrong. I love “Hate How Much I Love You”, especially the acoustic version, but “Not Over You” is a stronger track. It’s catches your attention, because of its lyrics and it’s easy to catch on to.

A Wee Bit Of Ed Sheeran

Both tracks remind me a lot of Ed Sheeran. It helps that Ed is dominating pop music right now, so there’s no getting around his sound.

Conor is not that big yet, but that allows him a certain amount of freedom.

The reason why we see so much humor come into his video creations, is because he’s directing his own videos now. Not many artists choose to do this.

Stage Experience

I guess you could say that Conor’s somewhere in between being a mainstream artist and a YouTube singer.

Recently, he’s been getting lots of stage experience. I’m not talking about his upcoming tour, but he’s been playing in a musical. That’s quite a different world from YouTube.

In an interview, he’s admitted that playing in a musical every night was quite a test of his endurance, but a stage play like that is a great opportunity for a massive learning curve. I’m sure that helped shape the artist we’re seeing today.

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