Fly Fashionable Like Celine Dion

Celine Dion is ready for a new wind of change. After becoming fashionable with her outfits, she’s updated her music and there are no signs of slowing down.

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Celine Dion Rides A New Wind

Today, there are many female celebrities proving that the new 40, 50, 60 0r 70, is at least ten years younger than it was before. Celine Dion, at age 51, is another great example. At some point in life, if you’re somewhat consistent with your craft, you reach a moment where you enjoy the perks of experience. Life becomes easier. Well, Celine has a new lease on life.

Owning Her Own Style

With full control over her music career, she gave her love for fashion more priority. I remember when I saw her pose for Vogue, I just thought it was an amazing thing for her as a fashion lover. However, I never realized I was looking at the new Celine. Nowadays, she’s a style icon. She won the hearts of the fashion industry and shocked the world wearing a one piece swimsuit to the Parisian Fashion Week, this week.

She’s completely indulged herself in it and created her own style of posing, which makes it an absolute joy to see. She just shows that life (and your heart) goes on after loss.

Goodbye Las Vegas

Not so long ago, she played her last show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It’s one of the last things Rene, her deceased husband, arranged. The Vegas residency allowed them to settle down and provide a steady life for their kids. A life without moving around so much. Her sons are old enough now and Celine gears up for a new phase.

Flying Solo

With that in mind, she’s released a new song, “Flying On My Own”. Even with her music, Celine follows the trends of the moment. She clearly describes where she’s at in life, right now.

Despite the song’s easy start, it makes room for a stomping dance beat supporting her powerhouse voice. And yes, in this song, that voice gets auto-tuned sometimes. There’s not one thing that reminds you of the ballads we all know her for. Because this is the new Celine, remember? This Celine lost a little bit of weight by dancing. She fits into haute couture and she’s fully embracing life. Yep, just let Celine soar.

Celine is on tour in September.

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