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Adam Lambert dropped a gift song to his fans, last week, with a full statement about his journey back to working on new music of his own.

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Adam Lambert Hit A Low

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to imagine what life is like for an artist. Even having one foot in the door, I still learn every day, and my respect for artists grows the more I learn. Lately, more artists than ever open up about mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, within the industry. Struggles between executives and creatives add another dimension. Adam Lambert, who celebrates his 10th year of success, is the last one to speak out on the issue and what it does to someone’s self confidence.

Coming Out Of The Darkness

In a lengthy message on Instagram, Adam shared how he doubted his artistry. I thought his slightly extravagant showman ways, gave him the freedom to play around with genres and different sounds. Nevertheless, in his statement he hints at having felt restricted and unhappy:

Into The Light

The good thing about hitting a low is that it’s a bit of reset button. Adam did just that. Now, with a new team and more creative control, Adam starts a new phase. I already spot the difference. His first song, a gift to his fans, is different from what I’ve heard from him so far. “Feel Something” is stripped from the theatrics and drama, but it’s sincerely personal. He’s since also performed with the song. It’s clear that this song is what he’s feeling right now. I have high hopes the rest of his new music will be just as self reflective.

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