Conner Reeves Plans Return

UK soul singer Conner Reeves made his debut in the 90s to switch to songwriting after. Now, he’s embraced the freedom of an independent artist and slowly, but surely prepares a return.

Welcome To The Future

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Conner Reeves Earthbound

I always thought Conner Reeves could’ve been UK’s answer to Jon B or Robin Thicke. In 1997, he rose to fame with his debut album, “Earthbound”.

Soul Man

The album has just been released to streaming services. It contains a mix of soul, r&b, pop, gospel and blues. If you like very smooth, easy listening music, this is the album to listen to. Nowadays, certain songs are a bit of a throwback to 90s r&b though, but a lot of the album is timeless.

My Father’s Son

The single, “My Father’s Son”, was an international success. I loved the single, but don’t remember anything from him after this. I probably got into Jon B instead, because Conner chose a different path.


Conner focused more on songwriting and did very well for himself building careers for others. Recently, he’s worked with upcoming talents whom participated in TV talent shows.

Welcome To The Future

Only once did he interrupt his writing and producing. He released a 3 track EP, “Welcome To The Future”, in 2005. On the EP, he blended his soul sound with some futuristic electronic influences. He sounded like a mild version of Jamiroquai.

YouTube Singer

Recently, he made his debut on social media and started sharing cover songs. It’s really nice to get reacquainted with his voice and see how he makes any song his own, even by doing mashups.

Debut On Streaming Services

To celebrate his arrival on streaming services, he’s released a previously unreleased track from his “Earthbound” era. It’s a full blown classic soul song called “Love Lead Me On”.

Love Lead Me On

For some reason the song fits in with today’s releases. A lot of new soul songs reach back to that classic soul music Conner’s also referring to. I love the song.

Even though it still sounds like a rough mix, you can hear what I mean with my comparison to Jon B and Robin Thicke.

New Music

Conner promises new original music. This song is definitely a good starter. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff.

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