Christina Aguilera Haunted

Christina Aguilera is no stranger to playing dress up, so it’s no surprise that Halloween is her favorite holiday.

This year, she has a little more incentive to go crazy. She sings for the new Addams Family movie and it’s the best music blog topic I could find for Halloween.

Sending Out A Warning

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Sing It, Christina Aguilera!

Sometimes, in music, I wish I could be a fly on a wall somewhere. I can just imagine this song getting handed over to Christina with the request to sing it. Weeks later, it returns to the hands of some music exec completely Christinafied.

What a pleasant surprise that must’ve been, in this case.

Expect The Unexpected

It’s a known fact. Christina can turn any song to her song. It will undeniably become that signature Christina sound. No song is ever simple. She can go big. She can keep it small, but she always makes it sound and look so easy.

However, believe me, her skill level is insane.

Haunted Heart

“Haunted Heart” is full of the usual unexpected vocal melodies. Christina Aquilera sings a few notes just a little bit higher than you would expect. Immediately, the song becomes interesting. In this case, it’s also just good fun!

Jazz And Theatrics

The darkness of this jazzy pop song lends itself for dramatic emphasis, so the singer can pull out all the stops. Yet, she does it with a certain amount of class and, of course, with all the creepiness you’d expect from a haunted song.

We are duly warned. It’s a great track that will trap you. Snap your fingers to that!

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