Artists unite against use of music in politics

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 26th 2016

Artists protest

Artists protest

We have a saying here in Holland that Americans do everything bigger. Campaigning for the new prime minister here is already a crazy time, but keeping this in mind and then looking at the presidential run in the States, I really can’t imagine what that must be like. This run must be absolutely insane with a potential first female president in the running and a businessman, who appears to be very loud.

With the stakes as high as that, many musicians have already spoken out against the use of their music in the politicians’ campaigns, in particular against the use of their music in Donald Trump’s campaign. He has used songs by Queen, Adele, The Rolling Stones and Earth, Wind & Fire.

I can so imagine that musicians try to keep their music as neutral as possible and really don’t like to have their songs dragged into politics. Especially in a time as controversial as the one we’re in.

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