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Correcting timing

Correcting timing

Already worked changed things with Flex Pitch?
If you’ve already used Flex Pitch to correct pitching on your track you will undo those changes if you also need to change the timing somewhere. But no worries, there are two things you can do to still move ahead. If it’s just a few notes that need adjusting you can actually do this with Flex Pitch. Just move the bar of the note to whatever length it should’ve been and you be correcting the timing on it. However if you want to use Flex Time it might be an idea to bounce the track to a new track. Use the new track to adjust the timing with Flex Time as described below.

Flex Time

Turn on the Flex Tool Screenshot 2014-10-11 18.57.21 on the session aswell as on the track you want to alter. On the track a drop down menu will become visible. Select the option: Monophonic

Screenshot 2014-10-11 18.59.02

After Logic has had a moment, vertical lines will be added to all the track’s sound regions.  If you have multiple recordings on a sound region, you have to fold them out to see this. Otherwise you see it right away.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 20.21.08
Monophonic on a sound region that contained multiple recordings (folded out)

Each line is called a Flex Point. When you move your mouse over them you’ll see that your mouse pointer will change, indicating that you can move them. And on top of the line you’ll see the option to delete them. By moving them you change the timing. Sometimes Logic looks like it skipped one. To add one, go to the location where you want a Flex point to be, wait for the mouse pointer to change and then click. Voila, a new flex point should’ve been added.

All of these things I’ve just mentioned you do on the track itself or in the detailed view of your sound region. To get to your detailed view you have to double click the sound region that contains the Flex Points. Then click on the tab “Track” to see something like this:

The detailed view of a sound region
The detailed view of a sound region

So far, the easy explanation. I’m assuming that you paid attention to my previous tips and you have the right BPM set for your session? All files are aligned correctly too? Oh great! This means that your session is showing the right grid. The grid are the numbers on the top of your session and vertical lines in the background of your session. This actually makes up the rhythm of the song, but then visually. It will help make your life easier.

Now, when you move a flex pointer to align timing for that one bit of song, you could see previous flex pointers automatically change too. This usually happens when you’ve already adjusted flex pointers previously. So the down side to adjusting timing, is that you constantly need to check whether everything really is aligned as it should. The grid will make issues so much easier to spot. You keep an eye on the grid and align the notes you sing on an upbeat with the grid.